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Carpet Care

Maintaining a clean space requires time, energy and at least some basic understanding of cleaning practices. Cleaning your carpet at home might require some vacuuming and maybe a little stain remover. When it comes to large commercial spaces such as offices, medical facilities, childcare centers, restaurants and dealerships however, you need to have the professional experience and equipment to make your business look its best.

This is where Clean O’Clock Solutions can help. Our years of experience and training with carpet care will produce maximum results that can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your business.

When entering an office space, school, medical center or any other business that has carpeting, clients and customers are quick to notice stains and other wear. No matter how clean the carpet is, these marks make your space look dirtier than it is, and can leave your clientele feeling uncomfortable and unsure about your business overall.

Unlike hard flooring materials, carpets are more prone to noticeable wear and tear, stains, rips and burns. Because of their soft pile and absorbent nature, spills are not easily wiped away and the products used to clean them are more specialized. Therefore, getting your carpets regularly deep cleaned with professional tools will leave them looking spotless while also prolonging their life.

Contact us today for more information and to receive a quote for our professional carpet care services.

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