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Quality Control

With more than 18 years of experience, we are a growing minority-owned commercial cleaning and janitorial services companies in the Tampa Bay Area

Quality Control

We integrate the newest technologies into our daily operations to make our teams more productive. In our cleaning and disinfection routine, we have integrated the Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) technology to do rapid testing to assess the cleanliness of surfaces. The ATP technology allows our teams to inspect surfaces after cleaning and disinfecting to ensure the area is properly cleaned and eliminate any harmful residue that may be blind to the eye. 

The Trifecta of our Quality Control

Quality control at Clean O'clock Cleaning Solutions, consist of three main elements, that works as our trifactor of ensuring commercial cleaning quality for our customers.

  1. Cleaning Process

  2. Quality Inspection

  3. Testing for Germs on surfaces

Cleaning Process
ATP Testing
Cleaning Process

Quality In Our Cleaning Process

Cleaning process – All our cleaning teams are trained in our cleaning system of cleaning quality and change of cleaning equipment between areas to avoid cross contamination. Everyone in our cleaning teams are also certified in OSHA safety standards and handling our electrostatic disinfection sprayers.

Cleaning system – Clean O'clock cleaning Solutions is using a cleaning system with a smartphone app that holds your custom cleaning plan. Upon arrival to your facilities, we open your custom cleaning plan in our app that guides each team member on what area they are cleaning and the cleaning specifications. This ensures that we follow your cleaning plan from A-Z.


Quality Inspection

Our cleaning system contains your customized cleaning plan and the same cleaning plan is used by our inspectors for quality control to check if your custom cleaning plan has been followed and spot any issues that need resolution.

Any issues that need resolution is communicated to the cleaning team that can then resolve the cleaning issue.

All our customers get access to our cleaning system via our app on their smartphone, where they can submit a cleaning request or need for additional cleaning supplies.

APT Testing

ATP Testing – Testing for germs

To ensure our customers health and safety further, we have included ATP testing in our quality control, which is a UV based electronic devise that helps us test for dead og live germs on a surface, and whether a surface has been cleaning properly.

Interested in Our Services?

We implement innovative technologies within our services to make our teams productive and efficient so that our valued clients can focus on what they do best

Unparalleled Service

We Listen and respond to clent feedback instantaneously. We ensure your bussiness needs are met with the same quality and reliability that we offer all of our clients. We set standards that we are accountable to, and add the extra mile for good measure.


Impeccable Work

Our Employees are highly trained and detailed oriented to get the job done quick and complete.


Fair Pricing

Different establishments have different needs, but that shouldn't compromise ther service they recieve. We work hard to understand your needs and expectations before we even deliver a quote.  

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