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Porter Services in the Tampa Bay Area

 One of the many high-quality services that Clean O’clock Solutions offers is day or night porter and matron services.

Day Porter Services

This allows cleaning to get done while your building occupants are present. Our porter and matron specialists perform a variety of cleaning services and can work within your building environment without disrupting regular operations or productivity. We service office buildings and facilities in Tampa Bay and all its surroundings area.


Our porter and matron specialists possess the knowledge, skill, and experience to routinely keep your facility clean at all times throughout the day. They are trained on how to be highly discreet and reliable while serving our client’s facility. To reduce the risk of any potential accidents in your facility, our porter and matrons are there to help you as needed.

Included for Every Client

Unparalleled Service

We Listen and respond to clent feedback instantaneously. We ensure your bussiness needs are met with the same quality and reliability that we offer all of our clients. We set standards that we are accountable to, and add the extra mile for good measure.


Impeccable Work

Our Employees are highly trained and detailed oriented to get the job done quick and complete.


Fair Pricing

Different establishments have different needs, but that shouldn't compromise ther service they recieve. We work hard to understand your needs and expectations before we even deliver a quote.  

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