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Disinfection Services

Nowadays, business owners know it’s not enough to maintain a clean workspace. In fact, it is now crucial that every effort should be made to ensure your business is disinfected and sanitized against germs and infectious material.

Clean O’Clock Solutions prides itself on offering a wide variety of disinfection and sanitation services using EPA approved disinfectants, fungicides, and virucides. For businesses wanting to ensure the regular elimination of viruses such as COVID-19 and SARS, we offer Electrostatic Disinfection Services that not only wipe away contaminants; they negatively charge all virus particles on contact. This is a great option for commercial spaces with heavy foot traffic, and especially in places such as medical, educational and childcare facilities, as well as any other business with high touch surfaces like bathrooms, break rooms, waiting rooms, and kitchens.

For those who need thorough, regular cleaning and disinfecting, we offer janitorial services in combination with top of the line disinfection and sanitation practices. Keeping your office clean with the use of dedicated professionals ensures that every step is being completed with the utmost professionalism and care, while also minimizing cross-contamination between employees, clients and customers.

Your employees and patrons deserve a safe space. Take advantage of our disinfection services today to ensure your business is operating at its full capacity.

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