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Educational Facilities Cleaning Services

From preschools to universities, our team is equipped to handle the unique cleaning needs of educational settings.


Safe & Happy Education Facilities

Trust Clean O'Clock Solutions to deliver top-notch cleaning services that meet the specific needs of your educational facility. Let's work together to create a clean, safe, and conducive learning environment for the leaders of tomorrow.

Classroom and Lecture Hall Cleaning

Ensuring clean, organized, and germ-free learning spaces for students and educators.

Restroom Sanitization

Regular and thorough cleaning of restrooms to maintain hygiene and comfort for all users.

Common Area Maintenance

Cleaning and sanitizing libraries, cafeterias, playgrounds, and other common areas where students and staff gather.

Floor Care

Comprehensive floor cleaning, including vacuuming, mopping, and stain removal to keep all walking surfaces safe and appealing.

Window Cleaning

Clear, streak-free windows to let in natural light and maintain a bright and welcoming environment.

Why Choose Clean O'Clock Solutions?

We understand that each educational facility has its own unique needs. Our services are customizable to fit your schedule, budget, and specific cleaning requirements.

Tailored Cleaning Plans

Our team is trained in the best practices for educational facilities, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process that minimizes disruption to learning.

Expert Cleaning Staff

The health of your students and staff is our top priority. We use eco-friendly and safe cleaning products that effectively disinfect without harming the environment or individuals.

Safe Cleaning Products

From classrooms to cafeterias, athletic facilities to dormitories, we cover all areas of your educational facility to maintain a clean and inviting atmosphere.

Comprehensive Services

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Ready to Transform Your Office?

Join the numerous businesses that trust Clean O'Clock Solutions for their commercial cleaning needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help create a cleaner, healthier workplace for you.

Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best

Your office is the face of your business. Let Clean O'Clock Solutions help you present the best image to your clients and a welcoming environment for your employees. With our dedicated team, eco-friendly practices, and customized cleaning plans, your office will not only sparkle but also become a beacon of health and productivity.

Included for Every Client

Unparalleled Service

We Listen and respond to clent feedback instantaneously. We ensure your bussiness needs are met with the same quality and reliability that we offer all of our clients. We set standards that we are accountable to, and add the extra mile for good measure.


Impeccable Work

Our Employees are highly trained and detailed oriented to get the job done quick and complete.


Fair Pricing

Different establishments have different needs, but that shouldn't compromise ther service they recieve. We work hard to understand your needs and expectations before we even deliver a quote.  


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We'll take great care of your facility.

Request a quote for our janitorial services today!

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