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Interior Window

Interior Window

Large commercial spaces usually benefit from regular cleaning of the exterior of their building. But no matter how clean the outside of your windows may be, dust, dirt, mildew and fingerprints on the inside of the glass can overshadow these efforts.

Clean O’Clock Solutions offers detailed cleaning and disinfecting of all your interior windows. We are able to clean any type of window including double and single hung, bay or bow, picture, transoms, picture, tilt-in or hopper windows, and will also take care of your skylights, interior glass walls and dividers, and more. We also offer window blind cleaning and disinfection for a variety of window covering styles.

Because windows are not touched nearly as much as other work surfaces, they are often overlooked in disinfecting practices. This is a mistake since windows and the areas around them can collect allergens such as dust, mildew and mold creating an unhealthy and uncomfortable space for your employees, clients and customers.

Scheduling regular interior window cleaning goes beyond making your business look great, it also ensures that everyone who enters your premises feels comfortable and welcome. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and semi-annual scheduling for your convenience.

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