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Supply Management

Maintaining a clean business requires supplies and tools. However, knowing what and how much to keep in stock can be difficult. Here at Clean O’Clock Solutions we’ll help manage your cleaning supplies and equipment to maximize your productivity and keep your business organized and prepared.

Ordering supplies in bulk can be useful, but having too much of some products and not enough of others is a big issue for businesses that manage their own cleaning. We’ll make sure you are stocked with enough supplies for regular janitorial and disinfection services, routine floor and carpet care, and everyday maintenance. We can also keep you stocked with personal hygiene products such as hand soap and sanitizer, paper goods, and bathroom and kitchen cleaning supplies to ensure you never run out of the important things when you need them the most.

Best of all, we can organize, disperse and store these products throughout your premises for easy access by both your employees and ours. This means maximum productivity and efficiency for both of our teams.

Businesses that can benefit from our supply management services include medical and healthcare facilities, schools and childcare facilities, corporate office spaces, restaurants and retail stores, dealerships and more. If you struggle to stay on top of your cleaning supply inventory, then we can help!

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